The iLOQ story

Before iLOQ, founder Mika Pukari worked in solving the locking and security challenges of large enterprises. Time and again he found himself confronting the same problem: mechanical locking system management was hopelessly old-fashioned. Locks had to be changed almost on a weekly basis, and if a key was lost the security level plummeted. In many companies, key control and safekeeping systems also compromised security. In short, the locking sector had fallen far behind other industrial technology development.

Pukari sold his security company and began to develop a completely new type of locking solution. His aim was to develop a locking system that met three demands. First, all the keys must be mechanically identical, so that they can be safely stored and put to use immediately. Second, the lock and the key must be electronic, so that systems could be managed by the latest computer technology. Third, the locks must be self-powered to avoid costly cabling and troublesome batteries.

This great idea attracted a team of top experts, bringing together their experience in mechatronics, bank-grade encryption, digital communications and advanced software. Years of development resulted in the iLOQ locking system, presented for the first time in 2007, in Helsinki.

The main problem with mechanical locking – laborious key serialization – has been finally eradicated by a completely new electronic system. iLOQ thus enables encrypted IT processes for key management and persistently high security levels. iLOQ also solves the security challenges brought about by expiring locking patents, as well as the battery waste problem inherent in the use of electro-mechanical keys.

There has been glowing praise in the locking market. iLOQ Ltd. received the quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2008 for developing, manufacturing, selling and marketing electronic locking systems. Our international safety awards and rapidly growing customer base show that the days of mechanical locking are over. iLOQ is an international success story, renewing the lock industry more than any other innovation in decades.