iLOQ is the world’s first electronic locking system with lock cylinders powered when a key is inserted. No cabling or batteries are needed. The powerful iLOQ encryption system offers you flexible but secure access through the easily managed control of access rights. The iLOQ  S10 Locking system is ideal for demanding, high security locations such as commercial and office buildings, and housing companies. Our product range covers door locks, padlocks and furniture locks as well as cylinder rings and accessories.

The iLOQ S10 Locking system is managed via the Internet. Access rights management is quick and easy, and lost keys can be removed from the system in a moment. Reprogramming of the lock cylinder is made either by the iLOQ Key or the iLOQ Programmer. The system can also be remotely controlled by the iLOQ Net box and by the iLOQ Key Programming Hot Spot located in the building.

The self-powered iLOQ S10 is the next generation locking system that says goodbye to your management problems in mechanical keying, batteries of electromechanical locking systems and the hard wiring of access control systems.

The iLOQ S10 Locking system offers you a modern Internet-based service solution for secure and advanced management. There are four main elements: cylinders, keys, software and programmer.