Already the best locking solution during access planning

iLOQ S10 makes the planning of secure access to buildings much easier. iLOQ cylinders and keys are fully programmable. Access rights can be changed easily, quickly and cheaply as often as you need.


  • iLOQ is compatible with most modern Scandinavian and Euro cylinder cases
  • No modifications to doors required

Simplifies the design of locking system

  • Self-powered iLOQ requires no batteries or cables in or around the doors
  • Access rights can be easily modified for each purpose
  • With cabling, iLOQ S10 can be extended into a remotely controlled system

Secure and flexible already during building stage

  • Locks can be installed as soon as doors are in place
  • In refurbishment applications, cylinders can be installed before work begins; access to work areas is simplified and multiple keys eliminated
  • Different access rights can be set for staff, with their individual usage stored in the log data of the cylinder
  • Lost keys are easy and fast to block and render worthless

Our iLOQ team consists of locking professionals who have extensive experience in the design of locking solutions for the most demanding applications. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of the iLOQ locking system and to help you in planning your security solutions.

You can find our contact information here.


Wiring and cabling diagram