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A solution for every key management challenge

iLOQ S10 is the only locking system that solves all your key management challenges. The iLOQ intelligent key and lock can be re-programmed according to your needs. The self-powered locks and keys work without wires or batteries.

This is how we solve your key management challenges:

Challenge # 1: “I must store all key management information in notebooks, binders, offline software or spreadsheets”

Easy-to-use iLOQ Manager is our powerful management software tool that helps you manage your keys. Using a Cloud service allows all users to have real-time data on the locking system: keys, locks and all their access rights. Key management can be centralized or decentralized according to your needs. Making a new key and setting its access rights is easy and fast, and iLOQ Manager can also print out forms for the receipt or return of keys, locking charts and floor plans.

Challenge # 2: “It’s easy to make unauthorized keys after patents expire”

iLOQ key copy protection is not based on the validity of a patent, but on strong electronic encryption – as in access control identification. Encrypted access rights are programmed digitally into your key’s microchip.

Challenge # 3: “When a key is lost, I must replace or re-serialize the locks”

When an iLOQ Key is lost, it is transferred to the system blacklist. The iLOQ Manager software tells you which locks must be reprogrammed. Lock cylinders are reprogrammed using the portable programming device or by a new key when it is first used in the locks. The locking security level is thus continuously maintained, year after year. Maintenance and life-cycle costs are low, because none of your locks or keys need to be physically changed due to lost keys. If the iLOQ system is remote-enabled, lost keys can be blacklisted remotely.

Challenge # 4: “The storage of spare keys is always a security risk”

Blank iLOQ Keys can be kept anywhere. Each key is mechanically identical, with individual encrypted access rights digitally programmed into a key’s microchip when the key is handed over to the user. We can also pre-program your key access rights for faster implementation, if needed.

Challenge # 5: “Temporary access rights always need a new key”

An iLOQ Key can be temporarily programmed with specific access rights so that external service companies do not need a big bunch of keys or the comprehensive access rights of a master key. Time-constrained access rights can also be set.

Challenge # 6: “It’s impossible for me to track down unauthorized access”

The iLOQ lock cylinder records an event log, which makes it easy for you to detect potential access abuse, and thus helps to prevent problems.

Challenge # 7: “I must pick up a new key from the lock company or key maker, which takes days”

Access rights are programmed into an iLOQ Key in a couple of minutes. With an iLOQ Key Programming Hotspot installed in your building, new iLOQ Keys can be remotely programmed or existing iLOQ Keys updated.

Challenge # 8: “Identification on the key has worn away, so it’s impossible for me to know whose key it is or in which locks the key works”

The iLOQ Programmer identifies any iLOQ Key by checking its microchip. Visual identification is irrelevant. iLOQ Manager software sees what key it is, who it belongs to and which locks it opens. If the key does not belong to the locking system, the software will not provide key information and neither can the key be reprogrammed.

Challenge # 9: “It’s hard for me to know how many keys and locks belong to the locking system”

The iLOQ Manager software always has up-to-date information on all of your programmed keys and locks. The total number of keys is displayed on the front page of the software. Locks are also displayed in position on the floor plans, making lock management easier.

Challenge # 10: “Electronic locking needs expensive cabling or batteries that need regular replacement”

iLOQ is the world’s only electronic locking system powered by key insertion. Our locks and keys work without cables or regularly replaced batteries. There’s an iLOQ lock cylinder that is compatible with every modern lock body standard. Our product family also includes padlocks, cabinet locks and key tubes.

Challenge # 11: “When I change locks, the old keys are obsolete”

Our battery-free keys and locks are an important ecological choice because they can be programmed over and over again. All user access rights can also be programmed into a single key. iLOQ is an approved member of the Cleantech Finland network for its self-powering and re-usability. Since the keys have no batteries, they are resistant to abrasion, water, frost and impact. There are already over 200 000 iLOQ Key users.

Challenge # 12: “Key management systems are expensive”

The iLOQ S10 operating and maintenance fee includes the complete key management system. The annual fee is determined by the number of locks, not the number of users or number of keys. For example, the annual fee for a system of less than 200 locks is only 100 € including backups and software upgrades.

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