Critical infrastructure trends in 2024

We took a look at the trends that will have an impact on the critical infrastructure industry the most in 2024 and why.

The secure and effective management of access rights for multiple utility sites is vital to ensure modern society runs smoothly. And, as critical infrastructure managers are responsible for the sites themselves as well as the health and safety of those people accessing them, it is paramount to know exactly who is entering where and when.

Locking without mechanical keys

When it comes to ensuring security, the latest trend is towards eliminating mechanical locking and moving towards adopting highly functional and immensely secure smart-locking solutions. Keyless mobile access sharing solutions are revolutionizing the locking industry by solving issues caused by lost or stolen keys, preventing unauthorized access, and eliminating the need to travel between administration offices and sites to collect and return keys.

In a mobile access sharing solution, access rights are sent in real time, over the air to a mobile phone running an app. They can be instantly changed or cancelled with the touch of a button making it even quicker and easier to control who has access. Real-time audit trail reports are an excellent tool to help prevent unauthorized access, or solve instances of misuse, by showing exactly who has accessed a site and when. And the management of multiple (and remote) sites are consolidated into one cloud-based software platform, saving businesses time and resources.

Battery-free operation

Sustainable operation is also high on the agenda for towercos. The most sustainable locking systems are those that are battery- and cable-free. This means zero energy consumption and zero emissions from daily use.

iLOQ has innovated a robust portfolio of battery- and cable-free and keyless smart locks. With no batteries to change, battery waste is eliminated, and far fewer service staff are out on the road, polluting the atmosphere as they no longer need to visit sites to perform scheduled and ongoing maintenance.

Battery-free smart locks are durable and operate reliably in the harshest environments. They can be easily reprogrammed and reused making them long-term and sustainable solutions. With keys, batteries and excess wiring taken out of the equation, and the possibility for fast and flexible access management, time, environmental impact and the use of resources are minimized, security and the value of sites are maximized, and significant lifecycle savings are ensured.