Padlock with 8/60mm shackle H50S.341.60.HC

battery-free programmable electromechanical padlock

The battery-free digital NFC padlock is opened with NFC-compatible mobile devices and iLOQ key fobs. It allows flexibility when locks are located on remote locations. Available in three different shackle lengths (25mm/60mm/110mm).

User credentials only for opening.

Benefits & features

  • battery-free programmable electromechanical padlock for the iLOQ S50 locking system
  • NFC-powered: no batteries required for the padlock
  • Opening with NFC enabled smartphone (Android or iOS (13 and iPhone 7 and newer) or iLOQ K55S Key Fob
  • Secured using powerful AES-256 encryption and mutual authentication
  • Initial programming with PC and iLOQ P55S.1 Programming Token in connection to the server
  • Access right list for access groups
  • Blocklist for individual lost keys
  • Internal audit trail record with time stamp (can be configured on/off)
  • Supports time restrictions
  • Can be configured to require online opening authentication
  • Re-programming with keys (NFC enabled smartphone or K55S Key Fob)
  • Firmware updateable
  • H50S.x31: opening and closing with user credential
  • HS50.x41: opening with and closing without user credential
  • Knob protected against impacts (e.g. fall)
  • NFC 13,56 MHz Load modulation (ASK) ISO/IEC 14443A, no transmitter
  • IP68 test passed for new unused lock. Not allowed to install or use submerged