Can Ruti Hospital

Reducing number of keys and simplifying administration


With almost 4,000 doors in the facilities, iLOQ S5 reduces the number of keys in circulation and simplifies administration.

The “Germans Trias i Pujol” referral Hospital, also known as “Can Ruti”, has installed the iLOQ S5 digital locking solution to optimize access management.

The Germans Trias i Pujol referral hospital chose iLOQ S5

With almost 4,000 doors in the facilities, control of the multitude of keys in circulation was a major challenge. Head of Security at the hospital, Francesc Chía Parramón, researched alternatives to the traditional mechanical locking system. He considered an electromechanical solution, but quickly realized the implications of buying batteries and the maintenance costs related to changing them.

The iLOQ S5 digital locking solution has already been installed in areas of the hospital where controlled access is vital, for example, the cardiac ICU and the new building dedicated to COVID-19 patients. It has also been installed in zones shared by many people, such as the hazardous waste and material control areas, to ensure smooth and efficient movement around the premises.

iLOQ S5’s event log has proved useful to track down and stop any instances of misuse. For example, it’s vital to prevent laptops from being stolen to protect both the hospital’s assets and the important data contained on them.

Extending the installation to other areas of the hospital is planned.

“The ability to access many areas with just one key reduces administration and the number of keys an individual person has to carry. Management of access rights is quick and simple with iLOQ’s software,” explains Francesc Chía Parramón.

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