Boligkontoret Danmark

Increased security for social housing


Nakskov Almene Boligselskab (NAB) is a housing association based in Denmark. It has 9 properties and a total of 665 apartments in Nakskov which are rented in conjunction with Boligkontoret Danmark (the housing office of Denmark). Boligkontoret is administrating a total of more than 25,000 apartments throughout Denmark.


In 2017, David Von Zastrow Noval, Operations Manager for Boligontoret Danmark, and Rasmus Leisvig, Technical Sales Manager for iLOQ in Denmark, started working on a project with one clear goal in mind – to increase security levels within the rental properties.

When built in 1948 and 2017, the properties featured standard mechanical locking systems. As is usual with social housing, tenants change frequently, and keys were often not returned when residents moved away. This made it difficult to keep track of where keys were which caused increased security risks and made it difficult for new residents to feel safe in their own homes.

Mr Von Zastrow Noval was quickly impressed with iLOQ S10’s smart technology and, in particular, with the battery-free system – a feature that is not available in competitors’ products. Lost or unreturned keys were no longer a problem, and the easy maintenance of access rights using iLOQ Manager software ensured a permanently high level of security within the properties.

A key function of social housing is to provide accommodation that is affordable to people on low incomes, therefore cost was also a major factor in this project. Mr Von Zastrow Noval was very happy with the overall cost of the system, but other important benefits have been the increase in efficiency, time savings and reduction in resources. There is no need to wait for new keys to be coded – iLOQ keys can be immediately reprogrammed any number of times, without restrictions, and there are no batteries to be changed.

To date, 40 cylinders have been installed in the properties with more to come in the next few years.

“We have started to use iLOQ’s locks and keys in NAB. The quality and service are very high, and iLOQ’s battery-free solution has absolutely been the right choice. The installation of cylinders was quick and configuration wizards were helpful. The software is easy to use and is well documented. The main reason for the success of the project was the great service provided by iLOQ.”

David Von Zastrow Noval, Operations Manager, Boligkontoret Danmark

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