Key K5S.1

Battery-free digital key

Battery-free digital key with powerful encryption. All keys are mechanically identical. Access rights are programmed into the key and can be flexibly changed. Reliable, maintenance-free key that stands hard use, water, frost and impact. Key acts as a data carrier in D2D network.
Unique AES-256 multi-processor chip, which enables 1-wire and RFID functions.
Dark Blue colored cover (changeable)

Benefits & features

  • Battery-free digital key for iLOQ S5 locking system
  • Key does not need batteries or cables
  • Key body made from stainless steel and holder part from fiberglass-reinforced polyamide resin
  • Withstands moisture, shocks and bumps
  • Powerful and secure AES256 encryption for common lock and key authentication
  • As part of the D2D network, it acts as an information receiver and data sharer
  • List of blocked keys
  • Changes in access rights
  • Change in time profiles
  • Log events for both keys and locks
  • Initial programming using iLOQ P55S.1 programming key and PC connected to the server
  • Key can be set with access rights for lock groups or individual locks
  • Key can be set with an expiration date including start and end date
  • Up to 10 different time slots can be set for the key
  • Each key has a unique identifier and unique stamp information
  • Key is equipped with an NFC chip that supports RFID and NFC functions
  • Updateable firmware