YouTube-videos about manipulating Scandinavian iLOQ Oval Cylinder

In spring of 2012, iLOQ found a security hole in a specific production batch of Scandinavian iLOQ Oval Cylinder. The security hole was fixed immediately. iLOQ also replaced the locks in this production batch that had a security risk. The security hole did not concern iLOQ DIN Europrofile Cylinders.

For iLOQ, safety is the core of the product. Therefore iLOQ asked the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) to test the product again. None of the locks that were in production could be opened in any of the manipulation methods shown in the YouTube-videos.

iLOQ cylinders are certified and approved by following high standards:

Scandinavian iLOQ Oval Cylinders are approved

iLOQ DIN Europrofile Cylinders are approved

Both Scandinavian iLOQ Oval Cylinder and iLOQ DIN Europrofile Cylinders are also approved by several local security authorities. We continually develop and test our product range to ensure performance according to the international standards of the security industry.

(Certifications has been updated October 10, 2017)