iLOQ wins major event industry award

The Evento Awards is a competition in the event industry where the best implementations, venues, speakers, creators and companies in Finland are recognized and rewarded.

In the recent 2024 ceremony, iLOQ and our long-term partner – NJ Production – won the “Events as part of strategy” award in recognition of our ‘iLOQ20 – Life made limitless’ event.

Throughout our history, we have consistently used events as an integral part of our sales, marketing and even HR activities. They not only help to raise the profile of our brand externally and increase sales, but they are also an important tool to boost the morale of our employees and reinforce iLOQ’s family culture. It was only natural that we would pull off something amazing to celebrate our 20th anniversary last year.

The week-long celebration brought together our customers, partners, suppliers and entire global personnel to Oulu (the birthplace of iLOQ) in Finland. It included tours of our headquarters and logistics center, workshops, seminars, many different activities from golf to mountain biking and culminated in a gala dinner for 650 people from 24 different countries.

“This was a significant investment for iLOQ, but the increase in sales, brand awareness and social media presence, the trust and positive feedback from those who attended and the ongoing commitment of our personnel, has more than made up for the investment,” comments Heikki Hiltunen, CEO of iLOQ.

“Events help to strengthen a company’s brand image and reach and engage key target groups. An event partner who understands the business plays an important role in achieving these goals. The ‘iLOQ20 – Life made limitless’ project was an important part of the company’s event strategy to deepen collaboration for future growth, increase iLOQ brand awareness and strengthen thought leadership in global markets,” concludes Noora Olsson, Country Manager of NJ Production.