Leaders of positive change

Every revolution aims to bring about change for the better. So too, does the smart locking revolution iLOQ is fighting for. We are making human lives better through technology; more responsible, more efficient and more sustainable. The human experience is also important to us in terms of our own staff.

Humane business perspective
iLOQ’s technology has the capacity to make human lives better universally, delivering an intuitive, efficient and enjoyable user experience in any living or working environment. To best deliver the benefits of our technology to everyone, we’ve needed to split humanity into categories and segments. Our strategy outlines a segmented approach that serves as a cornerstone for our continued success. For customers, the owners and operators of buildings in segments ranging from multi-family housing to commercial, public and industrial facilities, the iLOQ solution provides major benefits.

Firstly, the digital footprint provides added security and traceability, while simultaneously increasing the value of both the building and the customer company in question. Our solution also creates savings through increased efficiency of processes and opens new business opportunities in added value digital services. When factoring in the number of mechanical keys lost and replaced over time, the solution provides a considerably lower TCO while ensuring safety and security does not deteriorate over time.

“iLOQ’s technology makes human lives better!”

Sustainability through action
Even though our own Scope 1 emissions have been at zero for a long time already, we continue to seek opportunities for improving environmental performance every day. That’s why we also actively drive the entire supply chain towards ever-more responsible and sustainable operations through requirements regularly audited and documented in the Supplier Code of Conduct.

But when it comes to the environment, it is the impact of the battery-free technology over its lifetime that is the groundbreaking sustainability act we are proud to be responsible for. No batteries means that every year iLOQ is able to save the world from approximately 309,613 kg of battery waste. It also cuts out the emissions related to maintenance travel and regular battery changes at every location around the world where our technology is installed. We are also committed to taking responsibility of recycling all hardware at the end of their lifecycle, either through us directly or through local partners.

“We have saved the world from
over 200 million AA batteries so far.”

Inspired to excel
So, what kind of people are behind this company that saw its leaders nominated for the illustrious, global EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award? It is a staff that is inspired and encouraged to do well. Today it consists of people of 18 different nationalities, all bringing their unique twist to a strong and unified corporate culture carefully fostered by CEO Heikki Hiltunen. Great indicators of employee satisfaction include being certified as a Great Place to Work for the 4th year running, as well as consistently achieving a flame index of over 80 (81 in 2023).

Heikki wants to create and maintain a working environment where all employees are treated not just equally, but equally well. iLOQ has initiatives in place to further increase pay transparency and equality across the whole global organization, while continuing to work towards attracting a more diverse faculty in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Even in a company where people love to work, there is always room for improvement. 

A company is only as strong as the people behind it – In our case we believe it means that we’re pretty damn strong.