Teemu Suninen in WRC

Teemu Suninen has been competing in the WRC2 and WRC since 2014. Since then, he has gone on to win five podiums in WRC2 and WRC rallies. For this year’s campaign, Teemu will be teaming up with co-driver Marko Salminen. Marko has widespread co-driving experience stretching back to Rally Sweden in 2008. The Finnish duo made their cooperation debut at the 2018 Monza Rally Show, finishing runner-up to MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi. We wish Teemu and Marko great success this year and look forward to some more podium finishes.


We share common ambitions

“We are excited to continue our cooperation with Teemu Suninen and help spread the word about iLOQ to a wide audience in our target markets,” explains Heikki Hiltunen, President and CEO, iLOQ. “iLOQ and Teemu are a perfect match, since we both place great emphasis on teamwork, technological performance and innovation – after all, the key to success for a great driver also requires excellence from his co-driver and team of engineers.”

Teemu Suninen @ Twitter

SS12/16 in @RallyFinland Pihlajakoski (14,42 kms). The first part is new and looks very narrow. Saturday starts to be the last chance to make time differencies, so this new part is very important before joining the old part of the stage at 9,5kms.

SS15 in @RallyEstonia and we did sixth fastest time 1.10,9. Lost 2,8 seconds to @nikolay_gryazin. All in all this was not the result (5th +2.07,2) we wanted but the car improved step by step. Now it is time to switch back to WRC reality and start testing for @RallyFinland.

SS14 in @RallyEstonia. Our time was seventh fastest 4.20,6. Lost 12,3 seconds to @OliverSolberg01. Just one short street stage left.

SS13 in @RallyEstonia. Our time was seventh fastest 8.47,3 and we lost 18,7 seconds to @nikolay_gryazin. There was good ruts to test the car in those conditions.

SS12 in @RallyEstonia. We did it in 3.49,4 which was sixth fastest time. Lost 7,8 seconds to @nikolay_gryazin. I have been testing many parts during the rally. Need to be on the limit to get the fastest time.

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