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North America

Key K10S.6

Battery-free digital key

Battery-free digital key with powerful encryption. All keys are mechanically identical. Access rights are programmed into the key and can be flexibly changed. Reliable, maintenance-free key that stands hard use, water, frost and impact.

Unique SHA-1 chip.
MIFARE DESFire® EV2 4k RFID -tag.
Can be used with S10 Online readers.
Dark gray colored cover.

Benefits & features

  • Battery-free digital key for iLOQ S10 locking system
  • Key body made of stainless steel
  • Can stand harsh environments, dropping and moisture
  • All iLOQ K10S keys are mechanically identical
  • Secured using SHA-1 cryptographic engine, 64 bit unique secret
  • Access rights/groups programmed at handover
  • Programmed on iLOQ Manager -software with Programming device and system specific Token
  • Reprogrammed with Programming device or remotely via Key Programming Hot Spot
  • Emptied upon return, may be reused, for instance in another locking system
  • Laser stamped one letter and four digit random number
  • Each key has unique identifier and can be individually blacklisted
  • Each key can have own individual time limitation: 2 weekly calendars or 1 weekly calendar and key start date & time or 1 weekly calendar and key expiry date & time or key start date & time and key expiry date & time
  • Key can be used for carrying lost key information to the lock cylinders (pre-blacklisting task)
  • Key can be used for carrying new access right -version information to the lock cylinders