At the core of the iLOQ S50 is a patented, NFC-powered lock cylinder. In the solution, a smartphone operates both as a key and a power source. The iLOQ S50 lock is opened by touching the doorknob with a phone. An NFC radio inside the lock cylinder harvests power from NFC induction, and charges the lock’s power cells. One power cell is used to release the lock’s thumb turn, the other for its automatic locking.  Due to the Ultra-Low Energy requirements of the lock, tens of thousands of openings can be done on a fully charged mobile phone.

The phone is identified with the PKI encryption system (Public Key Infrastructure, PKI). The lock and phone use AES-256 encryption for mutual authentication. Any instances of opening or attempting to open the lock are reported to the cloud service in real-time.

In addition to the door lock cylinders, the product family include fobs, key tube cylinders, cam locks, key readers, padlocks and installation equipment. Lock cylinders are provided both in oval and euro profile models.

The entire system is administered easily and cost-efficiently using cloud-based iLOQ S10 Manager software. The software’s access rights are authenticated by both personal login information and the iLOQ Master fob programming key. Administration of the system is easy, since the user has real time view in the software of the access rights, mobile keys, locks and readers placed in the map or a floor plan. Creating and sharing a new mobile key, tailoring access rights or blacklisting a lost one is managed quickly and easily. The system allows the printing of documentation on locking diagrams and maps or floor plans showing the placements of locks. The same software can be used also to administer the iLOQ S10 digital locking system products.

Benefits of the system

Superior solution in multi-site master-key lock systems

The benefits of phone-controlled smart locks are indisputable: access rights can be created, shared and changed effortlessly. Until now, however, their problem has been the requirement of an external power source. iLOQ S50 introduces digital locking without short-lived batteries or expensive cabling. The solution is clearly superior in multi-site master-key lock systems, such as key tubes, key storage boxes of properties or geographically remote electrical or telecommunications cabinets.

Up-to-date access rights

iLOQ S50 enables the real-time creation, sharing and changing of access rights via its cloud-based iLOQ Manager software. Locks can therefore be managed in the same system as iLOQ S10 locks. Access rights can be sent to a user’s mobile phone even across the country. The system can be used directly with an Android phone app, or by connecting the smartphone to the iLOQ Fob via Bluetooth. Any instances of opening or attempting to open the lock are reported to the cloud service in real-time.

Reliable, maintenance free

The iLOQ S50 lock cylinder has no batteries to replace. Neither does the weather-resistant lock have a dust-collecting keyhole. The dust-proof and weather-resistant iLOQ S50 lock cylinders are tested in demanding Finnish conditions.

Easy to install, fits all lock cases

iLOQ S50 is suitable for almost all types of lock cylinders, padlocks and cam locks. The cylinder is quick and easy to install in place of the existing lock cylinder, without the need for modifications to the door.

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