Residential properties

Improving the quality of life for residents/tenants

iLOQ for residents

Living in a safe and secure environment is a basic human need. At iLOQ, we focus on creating a smooth and seamless experience as you move around your building. We also make your lives easier by giving you more control over who has access to your apartment, how and when.

Smart and sustainable

iLOQ’s solution is entirely battery-free to provide smooth and efficient access at all times and save 100,000 kg of unrecyclable battery waste every year.

The stainless-steel key is maintenance-free and resistant to heavy wear, water and harsh weather conditions ensuring reliable operation throughout the year. And just one key contains all the access rights you need for fast and secure access to, for example, the main entrance, your apartment and shared spaces, such as warehouses, saunas or gyms.

Highest levels of security

The chances of your key being copied are virtually impossible.

The data on your digital key is protected with AES-256 encryption. All data is stored in the cloud on servers that are based in the EU and certified to all relevant security standards. And you can rest assured that iLOQ fulfills all necessary security standards and follows GDPR regulations.

You are in full control

iLOQ’s solution puts you firmly in control. With the flexibility to do more yourself using the iLOQ HOME app, you don’t need to wait, for example, for property management.

You can block your, or a member of your household’s, key if it is lost or stolen and order new keys. To make it easier for family members, friends, deliveries or maintenance teams, you can remotely give access to your building’s main entrance or share a PIN code with them.

You can quickly and easily book a shared service or space, such as the laundry or common room, and add the access rights to your key using the app or an iLOQ reader in the building.

All in all, you have control over who has access to your apartment and when.