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Locking solution for schools and public facilities

Locking solution for schools and public facilities

In properties that need high levels of security, such as schools, museums and other public facilities, mechanical locking systems must be supplemented with an expensive access control system. iLOQ S5 provides both digital locking and a remotely controlled access management system conveniently in one package. The solution can easily be expanded to cover many different types of entry points without heavy modifications to the existing infrastructure.

Easy to expand

In sites with master-key lock systems, such as in schools and public facilities, iLOQ provides the advantages of electronic locking for all doors without the need for expensive cabling or frequent replacement of batteries.

The system can easily be expanded to a lightweight and practical iLOQ S5 Online access management system. Selected doors can be installed with remote-controlled lock cylinders, RFID and PIN code readers and time-controlled electronic locks. For example, the sports facilities of a school can be scheduled to open with a PIN code during a fixed time period.

Low lifecycle costs

iLOQ S5 has low maintenance costs. The solution eliminates the need to replace locks, keys or batteries which creates significant savings for large locking systems where many locks and keys are in use. Reusable digital keys maximizes the efficiency of materials and cuts down on waste. Additionally, iLOQ is easy to set-up and install, as the lock cylinder is compatible with modern lock cases without the need for modifications.

Simple and secure key management

iLOQ S5 ensures a consistent level of high security, as both the locks and keys are fully programmable. Access rights are managed with iLOQ’s easy-to-use cloud-based SaaS platform. The placement of locks is conveniently displayed on the floor plan of the property. The software shows in real time the access data distributed to each individual key.

Key management of several properties or for a system of even thousands of locks can be done centrally. Access rights are loaded onto the keys electronically, making the handing over of new keys simple and fast and ensuring the management of a large amount of keys (and locks) is effortless.

Easy to modify

The management of a large and complex system of mechanical locks is labour-intensive, expensive and often impossible in practice. The locking system needs to be planned in advance for the entire lifecycle of the property. In contrast, iLOQ S5 is flexible and fully modifiable depending on the use of the facilities and their users’ requirements. The possibility to expand the system to a lightweight and practical access management system ensures that also future needs are met.

Locking adapts to changes in facilities

When the function or arrangement of facilities changes, access rights can be updated quickly and easily. Keys and locks do not need to be changed, only reprogrammed. iLOQ also allows different access rights to be programmed onto the same key so that it can, for example, unlock anything from doors and cam locks to padlocks. A single iLOQ Key replaces a large bunch of keys.


Digital locking powered with the push of a key

iLOQ S10 was the world’s first electronic locking system to generate energy for unlocking from the motion of inserting a key. With no batteries to be replaced, locks and keys are always operational and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

The new features and benefits offered by the environmentally friendly next-generation iLOQ S5 ensure state-of-the-art security, efficient access management, minimized lifecycle costs and a healthy boost to the value of your property.