Kaksipuolinen europrofiilisylinteri D10S.200.SB

Europrofiili kaksipuoleinen lukkosylinteri

Omavoimainen lukkosylinteri, joka kehittää tarvitsemansa sähköenergian avaimen työntöliikkeestä.
Pintakäsittelyt: harjattu teräs

D10S.200: ilman kelloa
D10S.200A: ilman kelloa, SKG-hyväksytty
D10S.210: 1-puolen kellotoiminnoilla
D10S.210A: 1-puolen kellotoiminnoilla, SKG-hyväksytty
D10S.220: 2-puolen kellotoiminnoilla
D10S.220A: 2-puolen kellotoiminnoilla, SKG-hyväksytty

Hyödyt ja ominaisuudet

  • Programmable electromechanic lock cylinder for iLOQ S10 locking system
  • Self-powered: no batteries or external energy source required for the lock and key, and no need for cabling
  • All iLOQ C10S lock cylinders and iLOQ K10S keys are mechanically alike
  • Compatible with DIN 18252 Europrofile cylinder standard
  • Modular construction allows easy configuration for half-, double-, or turn-knob version and cylinder length adjustment. Length extensions available in 5 mm steps up to 70 CELSIUS mm.
  • Freely rotating cam
  • Secured using powerful encryption methods; unique 64bit challenge and SHA-1 computed 160bit MAC pair for key authentication
  • Programmed using a PC and the iLOQ P10S.10 Programming device
  • Blacklist for individual lost keys
  • Access group list for key accesses
  • Pre-blacklisting of lost key using a replacing key
  • Connector enabling connection to S10 Online system for remote management
  • Connector enabling controlling of conditional access right by external input
  • Internal real time clock, activated by optional battery (A00.14) enabling time restrictions on keys and event log time stamps
  • Firmware updateable