About iLOQ S10 Locking System

More information on the iLOQ S10 locking system

iLOQ is the world’s first electronic locking system with lock cylinders powered when a key is inserted; no cabling or batteries are needed. The communication between the cylinder and key is secured by strong encryption.

The system offers you flexible and easy-to-manage access rights. iLOQ S10 Locking System offers significant benefits in all types of real estate, such as residential and business buildings, schools and hospitals. Our product range covers door lock cylinders, padlocks and cam locks as well as escutcheons and accessories. iLOQ S10 Locking System can be enhanced by online products, such as RFID key readers.

iLOQ S10 Locking System is managed over the Internet. Access rights management is quick and easy, and lost keys can be removed from the system in a moment.

Reprogramming of the lock cylinder is made either by the iLOQ Key or the iLOQ Programmer.

The system can also be remotely controlled by iLOQ Network modules and by iLOQ Programming Hot Spots located in the building.

iLOQ S10 Locking System replaces mechanical and battery-operated locking systems. It eliminates problems with lost keys and key copying, simplifies locking system management and offers much lower lifecycle costs. The high security standard of the digital locking system is assured throughout its entire service life.

Figure: iLOQ S10 Locking System
iLOQ S10 Locking System