RFID Reader N104

RFID Reader is a device located in the vicinity of a door. RFID Reader is connected to the Door Module READER RS-485 bus; it has no other connections. RFID Reader is used to control an electric lock by an iLOQ key equipped with an iLOQ RFID tag.

If RFID Reader is equipped with a keypad, it can be used to provide access to the door with a code only.

When installing:

  • If you place the readers closer than 10 cm from each other, or install the reader on a metal surface, the reading distance can be shorter.

  • If you install two readers close to each other, we recommend installing a sheet metal plate between the readers.

  • Do not install a reader to the vicinity of strong electromagnetic disturbance sources.

  • Do not cut the cable shorter than 10 cm.

  • You can leave the wires not mentioned in the connection instructions disconnected. However, these cables must not be in short cut with each other.

  • If installed directly on a metal surface, the reading distance may be shortened. To avoid this, we recommend using installation plate A10.119 between the door and the reader.

The connections are:

  • Red wire — DC+

  • Black wire — DC-

  • White wire — A

  • Green wire — B