The world’s first NFC-powered lock

iLOQ NFC self-powers a lock by harvesting electricity from NFC induction. It’s a groundbreaking technology that sets a new standard for smart locks.

No batteries. No cables. No keys.

Power + mutual authentication

Holding the phone close to the lock powers up two energy cells and starts high security encrypted communication.

Openable state

The first energy cell is used for opening the locking pins. The lock is now ready to be opened manually via its knob.

Automatic locking

After a defined time the lock automatically returns to its locked state. The second energy cell is used for this.

Fits any kind of lock

The intelligent core of iLOQ NFC is so small it fits almost any kind of modern lock cylinder, including oval and Euro Profile cylinders, padlocks, cabinet locks and key tubes.

Widely compatible

iLOQ NFC is compatible with NFC-equipped Android smartphones. For users who do not have a compatible smartphone we have the NFC-based iLOQ Fob. The iLOQ Fob supports also BLE so it can communicate with smartphones that do not have NFC-functionality.