Libéma Group

Preventing unauthorized access in the Brabanthallen premises


Libéma is one of the largest leisure concerns in the Netherlands. The group, which started in business over 50 years ago with a car museum, has rapidly expanded and now consists of more than 20 locations in three divisions: amusement parks, holiday resorts and fairs and events.

In the early 1990s, Libéma added the convention center – Brabanthallen – to its portfolio. The third largest convention center in the Netherlands annually hosts numerous exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs, concerts and other big events.

A spate of thefts, without any evidence of break-ins, suggested that internal security with the mechanical locking system had been compromised. In order to have greater visibility of the locks, keys and users in the system, the group decided to invest in iLOQ’s digital locking solution.

Facility Manager for Brabanthallen – Johann Vos – quickly recognized the benefits:

“Each employee has their own digital key and their individual access rights are programmed to that one key. The access rights can be quickly and easily updated as needs change and immediately blocked if a key is lost or stolen. Access logs keep track of where, when and by whom the keys have been used, which helps us prevent or at least solve instances of misuse. All-in-all, security levels have increased and, as iLOQ’s solution is battery free, costs have been significantly reduced.” Today, the group continues to expand with the acquisition of zoos and safari parks. The plan is to roll out iLOQ’s access management solution across all locations of the Libéma group in the future.

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