BOS Construction Solutions

BOS Construction Solutions secures its own self-storage with iLOQ battery-free padlocks


BOS Construction Solutions (BOScs) provides innovative and high-quality storage, containment, lighting and access management solutions for the public and private sector.

Based in Tampa, Florida, BOScs is an authorized iLOQ Dealer that prides itself on representing products with cutting-edge technology covering both engineering and sustainability. As well as providing its customers with iLOQ’s state-of-the-art access management solutions, BOScs is also using the same battery-free and keyless smart locks to secure its own self-storage facilities.

With iLOQ’s padlocks, a smartphone acts as both a key and power source. Access rights for employees, partners and 3rd-party companies are remotely and instantly sent to their smartphones. They can be changed and cancelled in real time to ensure only the right people have access, and openings can be tracked to guarantee security levels remain high.

“iLOQ’s padlocks are opened using a smartphone’s NFC making them battery-free and fully functional even if there is no cellular service in the area. There are no costs involved with purchasing batteries, maintenance related to changing them, or environmental impact of unrecyclable battery waste. And there are no security risks related to lost, stolen or unreturned physical keys. We are delighted to be able to provide our customers, and also ourselves, with the highest levels of security and sustainability with the lowest lifecycle costs,” states Kari Honkaniemi, CEO, BOScs.

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