Browsing the Blocklist

This section describes how to browse the blocklist on iLOQ 5 Series Manager.

The blocklist state can be:

  • Ordered — The blocklist has been ordered and is being rolled out onto the field.

  • In planning — The blocklist has not yet been ordered. You can see the planned changes in the Change column.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Basic data > Browse blocklist.

  2. The blocklisted items are shown in the grid view.

    The columns are:

    • Name — This column contains the name of the blocklisted item, usually the key.

    • Label — This column contains the label of the key.

    • Name of the person — This column contains the blocklisted key holder name.

    • Date of addition — This column indicates the date when the item was added to the blocklist.

    • Change — This column indicates the the planned changes to the blocklist.

    • Key type — This column indicates the type of key. The options are:

      • Phone — The key is a Phone key.

      • Key fob — The key is a Key fob.

      • S5 — The key is an S5 key.