Removing Objects from Blacklist

This section describes how to remove objects from the blacklist on iLOQ Manager.

Proceed as follows.

  1. Select Basic data > Browse blacklist.

  2. Select Remove from blacklist.
    The Remove from blacklist wizard is opened.
  3. Select Remove keys from the blacklist.
  4. Select the key(s) that you want remove from the blacklist.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Select how to proceed with the locks affected.

    The options are:

    • Leave in planning state — Select Leave in planning state if you want to leave the blacklist in the planning state, and order it later. After this, the blacklist status will be In planning.

    • Order blacklist — Select Order blacklist if you want to order the blacklist from the server and send it to Phone Keys. After this, the blacklist status will be Ordered.

  7. Select Next.
  8. A summary screen is shown.
  9. Follow the wizard to end the procedure.