Activating a New Phone Key

This section describes how to start using a new Phone Key on Phone Key App.

When the locking system administrator creates a Phone Key for you, you will receive an SMS registration message with a link to the Phone Key. If you have not received the registration message, you cannot start using the new Phone Key on your Phone Key App. In this case, contact the locking system administrator.


The registration message is valid for 48 hours. If you do not register the Phone Key within 48 hours, the administrator must send a new registration message to you.

If you have received the registration message, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the registration message.

    If you have already installed the Phone Key App, continue from step 6.

  2. Click the activation link, leading to an iLOQ web page where you can find activation instructions and a link to download the Phone Key App.

    At the browser selection on your mobile device, select your favourite browser and select Just once. Do NOT select Always, as this option would later on prevent the iLOQ app from using the registration link.

  3. Select Click here to download the iLOQ S50 app to open Google Play.
  4. Select Install to install Phone Key App.
  5. Open Phone Key App.
  6. Read the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

    You can also find the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy at:

    Press the Back button of the mobile device to get back to Phone Key App.

  7. Select AGREE AND CONTINUE on Phone Key App.

    Short on-boarding instructions are shown. Swipe through the screens to get to the app.

  8. Select GET STARTED.
  9. Read the permission note and select OK.

    The application must be given access to read the mobile device and SIM card production data and use them as part of its internal security mechanisms. The application will not make or manage any phone calls.

  10. Allow the permission by selecting ALLOW.

    Now, the application has been installed, but not registered yet.

    Press OK at the Not registered message. The application is closed.

  11. Re-open the registration message.
  12. Share the link with the iLOQ application.

    Sharing a link from a text message to an app happens in different ways depending on your mobile device model. In some mobile device models, you must click the link to open a list of applications. Select Phone Key App from the list. In other mobile device models, you must long-press the link to open this list. For assistance on sharing a link with an app, check with your mobile device manufacturer.

  13. You have now received your new Phone Key.
  14. Select OK.

    Wait until the mobile device receives the key from the server.

    You can follow the key reception progress from the Android notification drawer, by swiping down from the top of the screen. As soon as the iLOQ notification shows key status as Refreshed, the key can be used.

    You can now close the notification drawer and leave the Phone Key App running in the background.