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About us

iLOQ makes life easier by providing smart and secure access to the buildings and spaces we use daily. Our strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products fulfills the needs of industry and the utility sector by transforming mechanical locking into highly functional and flexible digital and mobile access sharing and management.

We are industry-leading innovators of patented energy-harvesting technology. Our self-powered digital locking and NFC-enabled mobile access management solutions have revolutionized the locking industry by offering electronic locking without batteries or cables.


Unlocking smart living

iLOQ HOME is an extension of the iLOQ S5 digital locking system and the iLOQ 5 Series platform for residential properties. It is a digital access management solution that removes the constraints of the traditional lock and key to give residents more freedom, security and flexibility. iLOQ HOME strengthens iLOQ’s position of being a developer of digital services and software solutions that modernize buildings and fulfill requirements for more sustainable, secure and smarter living.


One platform for all access management needs.

First there was a digital-key-based solution. Then there was a mobile-phone-based solution. Now there is one highly intelligent, simple-to-use platform that manages multiple locking systems.

The iLOQ 5 Series is designed to maximize security, minimize administration time and impact on the environment, drive down lifecycle costs and boost the value of your properties.


The key to smarter properties.

In 2019, we took advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization and the Internet of Things and introduced the iLOQ S5. By combining the reliable mechanics of the iLOQ S10 with the new electronics, iLOQ S5 offers a range of unique features and provides even more added value to its users.

iLOQ S5 brings high data security and unparalleled access control, along with competitive lifecycle costs and significant savings, to building owners, users and key holders.


No batteries. No keys. No worries.

In 2016, we announced the NFC product family that would utilize NFC technology to its full potential.

The iLOQ S50 – with keyless, NFC-enabled mobile access technology and secure cloud-based access sharing – is the first lock cylinder on the planet to harvest energy for unlocking from a smartphone. The iLOQ S50 takes keys, batteries and excess wiring out of the equation allowing for significant product lifecycle savings. This advanced technology is designed to solve difficult issues facing the utilities industry and simplify daily operations. The iLOQ S50 is an ideal solution for consolidating multiple (and remote) location management, saving businesses time and resources.


No batteries. No worries.

In 2007, we introduced the world’s first electromechanical locking system that harvests energy for unlocking from key insertion. The management of access rights with the all-digital iLOQ S10 is easier and more secure than mechanical systems. The iLOQ S10 lowers maintenance and life cycle expenses significantly (when compared to mechanical or battery-operated electromechanical locking systems) making it the superior choice for access control management.

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Branches in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Benelux, France, Spain, Canada, UK, USA, Poland and Australia.

iLOQ Leadership Team

Heikki Hiltunen
President & CEO

Joni Lampinen
General Manager USA

Erja Sankari
Chief Operating Officer

Timo Ainali
Chief Technology Officer

Timo Pirskanen
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Thomas Thörewik
Chief Sales Officer

Tomi Karjalainen
Chief Innovation Officer

Minna Tuomikoski
Chief Human Resources Officer

Jaana Klinga
General Counsel

Ville Tolvanen
Interim Chief Marketing Officer