iLOQ celebrates 15 years in digital access management with a clear focus on the future

On 5 October, iLOQ celebrated its 15th anniversary by hosting a unique business seminar and customer event in Helsinki, Finland. As a part of the celebrations, iLOQ CEO, Heikki Hiltunen, revealed the company’s new brand identity to staff, partners and key customers from Finland and abroad.

“Anniversaries are a time to be proud of what we’ve achieved so far; but they also give us the chance to focus on the next stage in our journey, and to a future that’s full of potential. Our new slogan – Making life accessible – is more than just a customer promise. It is a philosophy that drives us as a company. It communicates that we choose to be present in people’s everyday lives, bringing security and ease to both customers and end users across a wide scope of applications all around the globe. We are in the business of offering people, businesses and organizations freedom from the limitations of the mechanical lock and key,” sums up Heikki Hiltunen.

iLOQ’s self-powered digital locking and mobile access management solutions have already revolutionized the locking industry. The company’s innovative technology and software enable electronic locking without batteries or cables to significantly lower maintenance and lifecycle expenses. While keyless, NFC-enabled mobile access technology and secure cloud-based access sharing simplify daily operations and save time and resources in the utilities industry.

“Our business has grown consistently, expanding into new markets, applications and technologies. Our renewed brand is one way of reflecting how far we have come, where we are today, and where we see ourselves in the future,” states Heikki Hiltunen. The strong values on which the company has been founded are still as relevant today as they were 15 years ago. iLOQ remains dedicated to challenging convention and creating solutions that deliver unbeatable performance in terms of reliability, efficiency and sustainability.

“In short, at iLOQ, we’re dedicated to putting people first,” explains Joni Lampinen, Chief Marketing Officer, iLOQ. “As we continue to grow, we will continue to focus on what makes us unique and competitive. We are leading innovators in self-powered digital and mobile access management, providing solutions designed to make life easier.”

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iLOQ in brief
iLOQ was founded in Oulu, Finland 15 years ago (2003) with the idea of changing the mechanical lock and key game with the opportunities presented by modern digital technology. Today, with over 100 dedicated employees and a vast network of partners at home and around the world, they are leading the revolution in digital access management.

iLOQ is the leading innovator in the field of self-powered digital and mobile access management, with a strong portfolio of safe and sustainable products that have been designed to deliver true customer value. The company provides smart locking and secure access to buildings and spaces we use daily and caters to the needs of industry and the utility sector with mobile and digital solutions for efficient access sharing and management.

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Chief Marketing Officer, iLOQ
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