iLOQ helps Levi become the most digital ski resort on the planet

Levi is a fell located in Finnish Lapland. With 43 downhill ski slopes, 27 ski lifts, 886 km of snowmobile tracks and 230 km of cross-country ski trails, it is recognized as being the largest ski resort in Finland. But there is so much more to Levi. With activities such as golfing, hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, zip-lining and base jumping, it is a popular destination year-round.

As well as providing a fantastic holiday experience and many happy memories for its visitors, Levi also has the goal of being the most digital ski resort on the planet. Digitalization presents Levi with an opportunity for improving productivity by reducing the costs of a wide range of business processes.

Levi has a widespread infrastructure with many different premises and buildings including various types of accommodation, restaurants, ticketing bureaus, ski lift complexes, rental shops, and administration offices. Security is a priority for business owners, managers, and administrators within the resort, but easy access and a pleasant user experience is a priority for Levi’s employees and visitors.

Marko Mustonen, Commercial Director at Levi Ski Resort Ltd, took the decision make iLOQ’s digital locking and mobile access solutions an integral part of Levi’s ecosystem.

“The access rights for various locks around the resort are programmed onto iLOQ’s digital keys. The keys themselves cannot be copied and, if a key is lost or stolen, we can quickly and simply remove the access rights from the easy-to-use administration platform. We’re confident that this keeps our security levels high.

“The locking system itself is battery free – the power needed to open locks is generated by the movement of inserting the key into the lock. That reduces our maintenance requirements and lifecycle costs dramatically.”

Levi is also taking advantage of iLOQ’s mobile access solution where, thanks to NFC technology, a smartphone becomes both a key and a power source. And the innovative locking solution can also be integrated with other 3rd-party systems around the resort, for example, reservations systems and information boards.

Sustainability is a priority for Levi. The resort has been awarded with the International ISO 14001 environment certification as the first ski resort in the Nordic countries, as well as with the Sustainable Travel Finland label as a recognition of its valuable work for sustainable tourism.

“We are delighted with the Sustainable Travel Finland label that has been granted to us. The label makes visible the long-term work we have been doing for developing sustainable tourism and our efforts to preserve the arctic nature. iLOQ’s battery-free locking systems are eliminating the environmental impact of maintenance-related travelling around the resort and saving the planet 30,000 kg of battery waste annually,” comments Marko Mustonen.

Although popular year-round, Levi is mostly visited during the wintertime where temperatures in Finnish Lapland drop dramatically.

“It was important for us to find a locking solution that could cope with the harsh environment and extreme temperature ranges here in Levi. We have been delighted with the reliability. And with no maintenance related to changing batteries, our service engineers are grateful that they can stay in the warm!” Mr Mustonen continues.

The long-term goal is to provide a ‘contactless’ experience for visitors where the whole resort is controlled by apps and mobile technology, for example, accommodation can be booked online and access rights given to visitors and ski equipment can be hired and collected from a designated locker that can be accessed with a mobile phone.

“With iLOQ, the possibilities are endless,” Mr Mustonen concludes.

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