iLOQ helps the new heart of Helsinki beat more efficiently


With many successful case stories behind them, it was only logical that iLOQ would be chosen to provide the locking system for Tripla – the largest house-building project in Finland to date.

Towards the end of 2019, the highly anticipated shopping, entertainment, business and residential complex – Tripla, known as the new heart of Helsinki in Finland – was opened. YIT, the biggest construction company in Finland and a major player in Northern Europe, was the developer of the venture.

Worth approximately EUR 1.5 billion, Tripla is the largest house-building project in Finland to date. It is a hybrid project consisting of the largest shopping center in the Nordic countries, a car park, a rebuilt railway station, a hotel, three office buildings and four housing companies. The total area is over 360,000 m2.

Almost two years ago, iLOQ signed a major contract with YIT to provide unique self-powered locking and access management solutions for all of YIT’s new residential buildings. With many successful case stories behind them, it was only logical that iLOQ would be chosen to provide the locking system for the Tripla project. The entire property has been secured with iLOQ’s digital access control solution and features over 6 thousand locks.

“The whole delivery took place over two years. But, thanks to iLOQ’s flexible and scalable system progress could be made without significant advance planning,” states Sakari Meriläinen, Property Manager, Mall of Tripla.

Thanks to RFID technology integrated into iLOQ’s locking system, occupants in the 400 residential units are able to quickly and simply access all areas of their property. For example, the main door, their own apartment, basement storage areas, waste rooms, etc.

“At Tripla, we are capitalizing on the use of digital technology. With just one key, employees in the hotel, offices and business premises in the shopping center can travel across the entire property using a single key,” explains Marko Oinas, Vice President, Strategy and Development, YIT.

“iLOQ’s centralized key management software enables access rights to be constantly updated. This feature plus the ability to set time limitations, see lists of blocked keys and check audit trails increases security throughout the property. And, for further operational efficiency and living comfort, the digital solution can also be integrated with external interfaces, for example reservation systems,” Mr Oinas continues.

As we enter a new decade, YIT is excited about the future of digital locking systems and sees a lot of potential in the integration of intelligent locking into many different systems. Tripla has already made a design breakthrough by incorporating iLOQ functionality into the keypads for the property’s underground waste management systems. This change has eliminated the endless need to acquire new ‘fobs’ or additional keys for different areas such as laundry rooms or for mailboxes.

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