Two millionth iLOQ key delivered to Asunto Oy Satoseija

Pictured from left: Property Manager Ilkka Saarinen from Ilkka Saarinen Property Management, As Oy Satoseija’s Chairman, Markku Marttila, iLOQ’s Sales Manager, Teijo Solio, and AM Lukkoasema Tampere’s Unit Head, Jere Kalevo.

Asunto Oy Satoseija is a 64-property housing corporation, developed in the 1970s, that has renewed its locking system with the modern, digital iLOQ S10. The corporation is located in the Hervanta region of Tampere in Finland.

The two millionth key was presented on 9 April at the annual general meeting of the housing corporation. The gold iLOQ key was accepted by the housing corporation’s Chairman, Markku Marttila, alongside Property Manager, Ilkka Saarinen, and iLOQ’s partner from AM Lukoasema Tampere, Unit Head, Jere Kalevo.

“We wanted our housing corporation to get the best out of the locking system; it had to be easy to use and safe. The decision was also based on the handy electronic serialization of the lock and the fact that iLOQ is a Finnish company,” stated Markku Marttila, Chairman of As Oy Satoseija.

“iLOQ S10 offers housing corporations a safe and modern locking system that is future-proof. The locking system has been found to be very reliable in housing corporations and is proven to work well also in winter conditions. If required, housing corporations can extend the locking system with integrations, for example, into space reservation systems,” explains iLOQ Sales Manager Teijo Solio.