Áltima improves access control to its facilities


Áltima improves access control to its facilities

iLOQ’s digital locking system guarantees greater security while simplifying the system.

Controlling the entry and exit of people to different access points 24 hours a day can seem a very complicated or even impossible task. Áltima, born from the union of three family companies with more than 300 years of experience in the funeral sector, is a leading Catalan group in the management of funeral services, morgues, crematoria and cemeteries. The Group had the requirement to improve their access control system, and this has been achieved through iLOQ technology.

As Áltima has more than 30 morgues in the Catalan region, the installation of the electronic locks and the intelligent exterior cylinders has been done in stages. In the first phase, access controls have been installed in 12 centers in Baix Llobregat (Barcelona).

Áltima’s Maintenance Director, Alfonso Galdo, assures that, since they have implemented the new control system in their morgues, they have improved safety and agility, which has represented a good solution for the accessibility of these facilities.

“The new digital lock we have implemented guarantees us greater security while simplifying the system we had previously. Until now, each mortuary had its own cylinder, requiring multiple keys for each one of them, which meant greater complexity in access management and less agility in the process.

“An important advantage of this new system is that, in the case of a lost key, it is not necessary to make a new key or change the cylinder. Simply cancelling the key’s access rights electronically is enough. With this great change, we have gained in speed, effectiveness and sustainability.”

Improved access management

iLOQ’s technology was created with the objective of facilitating access management. It ensures, in a simple way, increased security, while optimizing the effective control of the entrances and exits of the authorized persons to any type of premises, whether it is a private property, a company or an institution. The innovative digital locking system assigns a different electronic key to each user and provides them with access authorization according to their individual needs.

You can read more about Áltima here and about iLOQ’s digital locking solutions for public facilities here.

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