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New world security meets old world charm


iLOQ S5 – New world security meets old world charm

The iLOQ S5 solution was recently selected and installed into a beautiful apartment building packed with old world charm, located at Annankatu 20 in the historic heart of Helsinki.

The building in question was originally built in 1910 and has been well taken care of. It has been ranked among the country’s most prosperous building cooperatives. So, it’s no surprise that special attention has always been paid to the workmanship and quality of solutions used in renovations and building upgrades. To ensure modern security and ease of living for the tenants, the complex was entirely fitted with the latest iLOQ S5 locks and keys. This project included the installation of iLOQ S5 online readers at all main entrances as well as locks and keys for the apartments, shops as well as communal spaces located in the attic and basement.

The all new iLOQ S5 solution replaced a mechanical locking solution, finally eliminating the risks involved with deteriorating security caused by the vast number of old keys that had gone unaccounted for over the years. The building consists of 24 apartments, with many of them having multiple entrances, and 13 registered shop spaces located on the street-level. When asked about the reasoning behind selecting iLOQ S5, the property manager, Harry Lindholm, explained, “In a valuable, old piece of prime real estate, it is important that things are made secure and easy for tenants, but also that property services have unobstructed access to all spaces in case of any potential incidents such as burst pipes or the like.”

“Also, the iLOQ S5 online reader at the main entrances was a strong selling point. Tenants no-longer need to fiddle around with keys in the dark to gain access off the street. The reader also acts as a wireless hub for access rights information that is easy to update. The same information is transferred to each key in the system upon entry.” The ability to grant access for one key to multiple doors and the possibility to create keys with time restrictions for the use of services such as cleaners, also played into the decision. With numerous businesses, all with multiple employees, leasing the spaces on the street-level, the digital system is excellent for managing rapidly changing access rights and maintaining the entire locking system’s integrity and level of security.

“The board of the housing association carried out research into different locking possibilities. It quickly became clear that we were going forward with a modern digital access management solution, and the iLOQ S5 had the best feature set for this building and all its tenants,” Harry Lindholm sums up. The new locks and keys have been in use for a short period now, and thus far tenants seem to be pleased with the new solution.

“The iLOQ S5 solution had
the best feature set for this
building and all its tenants.”

Harry Lindholm
Property Manager
Pääovi Oy



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