NEXT Delft

Security is an essential component of smart buildings


The NEXT Delft building is the result of close collaboration between ASR Dutch Science Park Fund and TU Delft (the Delft University of Technology). It is an important factor in the further development of the innovative ecosystem on the TU Delft Campus. 

The building provides over 10,000 m2 of space for high-impact companies, scale-ups and fast-growing start-ups to continue to grow their business by developing technological and sustainable innovations.

NEXT Delft is a perfect example of a sustainable and smart working environment where investments have been made into solar panels, LED lighting and smart building technology aimed at air quality, temperature, humidity, health and well-being. Michael van der Leer, Technical Asset Manager from ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, was keen to add security to the building’s list of smart functions.

He quickly understood the potential of the innovative iLOQ S5 digital locking solution. The most obvious benefit of the solution is that it is battery-free. The power needed for unlocking is generated by the motion of pushing the key into the lock. This helps the building fulfill its sustainability goals by eliminating battery waste and the environmental impact of travelling to change batteries. It also reduces maintenance time and costs.

Another big benefit is that no mechanical keys are in circulation. Each member of staff has their own digital key with their individual access rights that allow them to move smoothly throughout the building. Using iLOQ’s cloud-based software platform, these access rights can be quickly, easily and remotely updated when needs change and blocked immediately if a key is lost or stolen. And, due to high levels of integration, the key allows tenants to do far more than simply open doors. It also allows them to use the printers, to buy coffee and to book meeting rooms. Michael van der Leer is continually looking for new, innovative and sustainable ways to utilize iLOQ’s solution.

Tenants have 24/7 access to the building, but it is vital to maintain security. With the use of iLOQ Online readers, the alarm can be automatically turned off.  The Smart sensors in the whole building recognize when the last person leaves the building. This gives a signal to the building management system which activates the alarm. Thanks to iLOQ’s access log, it is then easy to see who has entered the building.

iLOQ Online readers have also been installed at the main entrance and outside the meeting rooms for additional access control. PIN codes can be used with the readers, but, for extra security, they can also be accessed using the digital keys.

To date, approximately 50 cylinders and 300 keys have been programmed. The plan is to install iLOQ also in future developments.

“ASR Dutch Science Park Fund invests in commercial real estate on science parks on behalf of institutional investors and manages real estate portfolios. Thinking ahead and sustainability are in our DNA. Real estate asset management is all about people and, with our developments, they must be able to count on smoothly functioning environments and pleasure at work. With iLOQ, we also add security and safety to that,” states Michael van der Leer, Technical Asset Manager, ASR Dutch Science Park Fund.

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