Programmeer Token P55S.1


De programmeertoken beveiligt de systeemadministratie en het programmeren van sleutels en cilinders. Ook download je met de programmeertoken het log van gebeurtenissen in sleutels en cilinders.

Voordelen en kenmerken

  • Rechargeable digital Programming key for iLOQ 5 Series locking system
  • Secured using AES256 encryption
  • Programmed on iLOQ Manager – software with system specific Programming key
  • Each fob has a unique identifier and can be individually blocked from the management system
  • Laser stamped one letter and four-digit random number
  • Can be personalized with color pin
  • Sturdy, sealed structure for harsh environments with led status indication
  • Receives and transfers blocklist from/to locks when used offline
  • Receives and transfers log events from/to locks when used offline
  • Supports validity time