Online I/O Module N507

N507 Online I/O Module

The iLOQ N507 Online I/O Module is a bus device which has 10 potential free relay outputs and 10 inputs thus allowing designers to design more features to the system environments than basic door modules allow them to do. A maximum of five N507 Online I/O Module can be stacked and controlled with a single iLOQ NFC Reader, allowing versatile Key – Access right – Relay control combinations.

Prednosti & Lastnosti

  • RS-485 IN Main bus input connection
  • RS-485 OUT Main bus output connection
  • RS-485 CHAIN OUT bus connection for iLOQ NFC Reader and/or N507 Online I/O Module to work as a slave cards
  • INPUTS 1-10 Potential-free inputs for activating the Relays
  • RELAY K1-K10 Relay outputs for controlling an external device