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Security keeps pace with growth in Nyköping


Case Nyköpings Kommun: Security keeps pace with growth in Nyköping

Nyköpings Kommun is a municipality based in Södermanland County in southeast Sweden. With its seat located in the city of Nyköping, the municipality has about 55,000 inhabitants. The administration provides services within schools, healthcare, welfare, housing, safety, environment and nature sectors.

The local authority in Nyköping sees growth as a prerequisite for developing the municipality, and the region is developing and expanding towards the sea with new residential areas. With responsibility for the management of key administration of the municipality’s real estate, security is high on Anders Jonsson’s list of priorities.

Stefan Gyökeres, Sales Manager for iLOQ in Sweden, has been working closely with Nyköpings Kommun since 2013 and, in particular, with Mr Jonsson since 2017. The iLOQ S10 system has been installed in all types of real estate in the municipality from, for example, schools and preschools to different types of accommodation and operational spaces. Currently, there are approximately 3,500 iLOQ cylinders, 2,300 iLOQ keys, 6 Hotspots and 1,700 registered persons.

Mr Jonsson considers the ability to ensure high levels of security while offering simple access management as the most beneficial features of iLOQ S10.

Keys that are lost are quickly replaced. Access rights are easily removed from the lost key and no cylinders need to be replaced. In schools, where teachers frequently change, key administrators utilize the user-friendly iLOQ Manager software to change details of key holders, create new keys and update access rights.

Employees working in multiple real estate facilities where iLOQ has been installed need only one key – access rights for each property can be programmed onto the same key. Rescue services and security companies, for example, also benefit from having only one iLOQ key that grants them permission to access all properties they take care of. If access rights change, keys can be remotely reprogrammed and key holders can update their rights 24/7 using the nearest iLOQ Hotspot.

In new constructions, iLOQ cylinders can be installed at a very early stage. When access rights to the property have been identified, the cylinders can be programmed and installed as soon as the doors are fitted. Access rights can be changed as the building work progresses, and keys for the people living or working in the premises can be programmed and distributed when occupation takes place.

The number of iLOQ S10 solutions being implemented in the Nyköpings municipality is growing fast. And it’s not just new buildings that are benefiting; mechanical systems in older properties are also being quickly and simply upgraded to iLOQ.

“iLOQ S10 is working well in all types of municipal activities. Different businesses have different needs. But, with iLOQ, there is always a solution.”

Anders Jonsson, Technical Division, Real Estate, Nykopings Kommun

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