The Access Management Solution

iLOQ 5 Series

iLOQ 5 Series

Building on two decades of energy-harvesting innovation

One cloud-based SaaS platform driven by battery-free, NFC-powered, cellphone-based technology.

Designed to maximize security, minimize administration time and impact on the environment, drive down lifecycle costs and boost the value of your properties.

A cellphone is the key and power source

With iLOQ, a cellphone is both a key and a power source. No batteries or cables are needed. Locks are opened using the near-field communication link between the cellphone and the lock. This reduces the cost of purchasing batteries, and the time, resources and environmental impact of maintenance teams traveling to replace batteries.

Multiple access possibilities

The iLOQ 5 Series is a flexible, modifiable, easy to-use platform that conveniently lets you choose a cellphone-.based key, a fob or even a PIN code – the choice is yours. And, like all iLOQ solutions, no batteries or excess cabling are needed.

Keys, locks and readers learn from each other

Device-to-device communication allows data (such as a list of blocked keys, time limitations, latest time, audit trails and accesses of the key) to be remotely updated and shared in both directions between the management software and the readers, keys and locks in a building before doors are unlocked. This minimizes travel to manually import or export data, reduces system wiring expenditure and drives down lifecycle costs and impact on the environment.

Cloud-based SaaS platform

Fast, secure and convenient management of locks, keys, sites and users on a single cloud-based SaaS platform. User-friendly graphical user interface. No need to invest in dedicated hardware and software IT solutions.

State-of-the-art security

With all devices connected and communicating with each other, security is maximized while administration costs are minimized. Lost, stolen or unreturned keys can be easily removed from the system and reassigned. The latest time feature ensures that expired keys have no access without any administrative actions.

Streamlined operations

iLOQ 5 Series’ standard, open application programming interface (API) allows integration with modern information-sharing and booking systems and customer personal databases. This has many helpful use cases; for example, booking of shared spaces can be updated using touchscreens in premises or on cellphone apps and shared with the keys. No additional wiring to the door is needed.

Secure living over a long lifecycle in multi-family residential properties

The iLOQ 5 Series ensures that the lock security of apartments, staircases and other common areas is continuously maintained at the highest possible level. The system is easy to install and manage, and inexpensive to maintain. iLOQ solves issues caused by lost keys, unauthorized copying of keys, expiration of patents and the misuse of common areas.

Flexible access management in ever-changing commercial, educational and municipal environments

The iLOQ 5 Series is a locking system based on strong digital authentication – a perfect solution for commercial, educational and municipal properties which have a heavy flow of people and multiple layers of security. The solution improves the efficiency of access management in properties that have previously used mechanical-based locking and access control systems. Additionally, the system is easily expandable to a remotely controlled, lightweight and practical access control system capable of handling large amounts of access rights under one user-friendly platform.

Access rights instantly shared over-the-air adds to the ease, reliability and cost-efficiency of the critical infrastructure sector

A functioning, reliable critical infrastructure sector is essential for a smoothly running modern society. Critical infrastructure providers regularly face the challenge of managing numerous sites and a vast number of locks and personnel. This has traditionally meant that a huge number of keys are in constant circulation. iLOQ 5 Series has eliminated the need for physical keys and battery-powered lock cylinders. Only a cellphone is needed to open any lock in the system. Access to all property locks can be shared and managed easily with the cloud-based SaaS software. Daily operations are easier, the highest levels of security are maintained, and valuable time, resources and lifecycle cost savings are achieved across the organization.

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