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Smooth, smart and secure access

Our properties and possessions need more protection today than ever before.

Mechanical solutions simply do not meet modern customer requirements in this increasingly digitalized world.

iLOQ’s battery- and cable-free digital and mobile access management solutions offer maximized security at minimized lifecycle costs.

Unlock a world of possibilities with iLOQ S50

iLOQ S50 is a battery-free, keyless locking solution where an NFC-enabled smartphone is both the key and the power source. The lock is activated with the smartphone’s NFC induction, which generates enough electrical energy to identify access rights and open the lock. It runs through the iLOQ S50 mobile app which is available for NFC-compatible Android and iOS phones. For users without an NFC-compatible phone, the iLOQ Key Fob is an easy alternative.

Fast return on investment and low total cost of ownership

No physical keys means no costs for key copying or rekeying and replacing cylinders if a key is lost, stolen or unreturned. No batteries to be replaced minimizing maintenance costs and reducing environmental impact.

Lower operational expenditure

Numerous unmonitored sites hosting critical equipment and multiple access possibilities are consolidated into one user-friendly, customized software platform for easy administration.

Maximized security

Locks and phones are encrypted for mutual authentication. No risks related to key copying. Access rights are instantly cancelled if a key is lost. Time-limited access rights ensure only authorised personnel can access sites at certain times.

Operational efficiency

Access rights are created and updated for thousands of property locks in real time and shared instantly and remotely. Cylinders operate reliably in all environments and weather conditions.

Satisfied customers are the best references

iLOQ is involved in many projects around the world. We focus on making life accessible and offering top-quality services that provide added value for all. Here are some of our latest success stories. Click here to find out more.

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