Ease of daily operations

A functioning, reliable utilities industry is essential for a smoothly-running modern society. iLOQ offers the needed security paired with efficient over-the-air access sharing that simplifies operating logistics and reduces costs associated with mechanical and battery-powered electronic locks. Managing multiple sites and multiple personnel has never been easier.

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iLOQ locking solutions

Residential properties

Managing a large number of tenants, multiple keys and varying access rights while focusing on high-security are challenges residential properties face daily. iLOQ helps residential properties solve issues caused by lost keys, unauthorized copying of keys, expiration of patents and the misuse of communal spaces.


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Student housing

Tenants change and keys get lost, that’s why iLOQ’s keys and locks are reprogrammable. Updating key access rights can be done at a key programming hotspot, located in communal areas, allowing for easy and safe distribution.

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Schools or public facilities

iLOQ enables schools and public facilities to foster young minds by combining the best benefits of digital locks and access control systems into one platform – easing daily operations for both students and staff.

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In hospitals and healthcare facilities, access rights are constantly fluctuating. From personnel shift changes to heavy patient flow, iLOQ guarantees up-to-date access locking with a consistently high level of security.

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Offices and workspaces are focused on analyzing and arranging information on a large scale. A simplified access rights management system allows for time and resources to be saved for more important matters.

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Utility networks and property services

Utility companies must function on the highest level of efficency and security. The iLOQ S50 is the first keyless, NFC-enabled lock cylinder that harvests energy for unlocking from a smartphone. The iLOQ S50 is a superior solution for creating, sharing and revoking access rights over-the-air in multiple locking systems.

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  • Residential properties
  • Student housing
  • Schools or public facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Utility networks and property services

Self-powered digital locking

The iLOQ S10 is the only digital locking system in the world that self-powers by harvesting electricity from key insertion.

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Mobile access management with NFC technology

The iLOQ S50 is the world’s first NFC-powered lock cylinder that harvests energy for unlocking from a smartphone.

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News, events and blog

Accessing the future

Welcome to the iLOQ blog. As we head towards a 15-year celebration in the business, we are always looking for new ways to get closer to you – our customers, partners and stakeholders. We decided the time was right to publish our new blog. In case this is the first time you have come across iLOQ,... Read more...

iLOQ and SATO partner up in new residential deal

Photo: SATO SATO properties in Finland will now be fitted with sustainable digital access management In accordance with the framework contract signed by both parties, iLOQ becomes the provider of the S10 digital locking solutions and software for at least 50% of SATO’s rental properties and co... Read more...

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