Battery-free smart locking

Join the smart-locking revolution

iLOQ’s smart-locking revolution means secure, convenient and flexible access with the lowest lifecycle costs, administration and environmental impact.

Our smart-locking customers around the world

Bargold Storage Systems US

Rental properties

BOS Construction Solutions US

Logistics and storage

Mall of Tripla FI

Residential properties

Caruna FI

Energy providers

Lieven de Key NL

Student housing

Unifiber BE


Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG DE

Energy providers

Core Data Centres CA


Vaasa Central Hospital FI




Smart locking for

Residential properties

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Privately owned properties
Rental properties
Student housing

Smart locking for

Critical infrastructure

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Energy providers
Utility services
Logistics security and storage

Smart locking for

Public and commercial properties

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Commercial buildings and offices
Public facilities

Solution overview

Smart, secure and sustainable
access at a glance

Best user experience

Use a smart key or your smartphone as a key and a power source. iLOQ’s app offers powerful additional functionality to optimize access and maximize your user experience.

Battery-free and wire-free locks

No batteries, electricity source or internet connection are needed. Fast installation and no maintenance costs. Reliable operation even in a power outage.

Streamlined business

Developer tools, API and SDK, allow building integrations that eliminate bottlenecks, provide better customer experiences and reduce costs.


Intuitive interfaces for day-to-day operations – sharing access to the right people at the right time.

Tested and proven time after time


kilograms of saved battery waste every year


locks and keys in use


dealer locations worldwide


patents holding

Unbeatable benefits

No batteries, cables or WiFi

iLOQ locks need no batteries, electricity or internet connection, resulting in lowered operational costs and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Smart access

Use a smart key or your smartphone as both a key and a power source (through NFC). All key logistics are managed online, remotely and in real time with iLOQ’s
user-friendly software.

Easy retrofit, no maintenance

Our cylinders fit right into existing door frames. No need for drilling; all installation points retain their fire and security compliance.

Cloud-based management

Real-time control over the whole property and its
access points with iLOQ’s user-friendly software running on a dedicated penetration-tested cloud.

Integrate iLOQ to anything

Open API/SDK allows for full integrability to other systems/apps (such as booking platforms for common spaces) and developers to create their own solutions.

Convenient for the end-user

Your focus – and ours – is a safe, effortless and efficient everyday life. You are the one in control. 

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