Striving for service excellence

It’s a common phrase in marketing communications that companies are ‘exceeding’ the expectations of customers. But, in realistic terms, service excellence should be primarily focused on being easy to do business with, delivering what is promised, and dealing quickly and efficiently with any issues that arise. iLOQ is a company that is on the up and up. We are growing rapidly, expanding into dif... Read more...

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A focus on R&D is key to iLOQ’s success

As our recent 15th anniversary confirms, iLOQ’s digital locking solution was conceived by the founder, Mika Pukari, as far back as 2003. Since then, we have been leading the way with challengers firmly on the back foot. However, the race is intensifying as traditional players move into digital locki... Read more...

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Eco-friendly access management

The urbanization megatrend has some quite frightening statistics: More than half the world’s population currently lives in cities. With 1.3 million people moving into cities every week, two-thirds of the population will be urban residents by 2030. And, by 2050, that figure is estimated to increase t... Read more...

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Growth opportunities fueled by the construction boom

Growth opportunities fueled by the construction boom

The global construction industry is expected to reach an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2023 with the greatest expansion in residential, non-residential and infrastructure segments. The major drivers for the growth are demands for housing and rising infrastructure requirements due to increasing urbaniz... Read more...

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How has NFC revolutionized the locking industry?

The abbreviation – NFC – has been around for over a decade. But, do you know what it stands for and what impact it can have on your daily life? NFC stands for near-field communication. In a nutshell, it refers to a system that enables two electronic devices (one of which is usually a portable dev... Read more...

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iLOQ 15v anniversary Heikki Hiltunen

Leading the digital revolution for 15 years

Great work can only be achieved by companies who are not afraid to take the role of leader. That’s certainly the case for iLOQ as we celebrate a milestone in our history. 15 years ago, on a motorbike tour of Europe, Mika Pukari decided to follow his big dream and make his vision a reality by crea... Read more...

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Partnerships that unlock potential

Innovation, technological performance and teamwork. These three key words sum up iLOQ as a company and perfectly describe the dedication of our personnel. They are also the words that describe the two strong partnerships we have formed for 2018 and 2019. The first partnership is already ‘on the r... Read more...

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Lost key? Never been a problem for iLOQ users!

Did you know that, annually, more than 2% of keys around the world are lost? That creates a huge amount of inconvenience, not to mention the stress about security. And it involves a lot of time and money to sort the situation out. That’s why iLOQ has heavily invested in transforming traditional m... Read more...

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Accommodating tomorrow’s business leaders

The demand for highly educated people is intensifying year on year. The inherent surge in the number of students is putting pressure on educational establishments to accommodate them. In 2017, €13.6 billion was invested in student housing in Europe alone. An increase of 29% on the previous year. ... Read more...

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Accessing the future

Welcome to the iLOQ blog. As we head towards a 15-year celebration in the business, we are always looking for new ways to get closer to you – our customers, partners and stakeholders. We decided the time was right to publish our new blog. In case this is the first time you have come across iLOQ,... Read more...

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