The iLOQ S50, a secure and fully-digital locking solution for the utilities industry – saving resources and simplifying management. Aimed at power production & distribution companies, telecom network services, data centers, water treatment plants, property services and transportation services.



The iLOQ S50 is a unique product. It utilizes NFC technology to the fullest by gathering energy for unlocking cylinders through a smartphone. The iLOQ S50 runs through a mobile App that consolidates multiple sites conveniently into one user-friendly platform.

Ease of daily operations

A functioning, reliable utilities industry is essential for a smoothly-running modern society. iLOQ offers the needed security paired with efficient over-the-air access sharing that eases operating logistics and reduces costs associated with mechanical and battery-powered electronic locks. Managing multiple sites and multiple personnel has been simplified.

Dealing with big numbers

Utility providers regularly face the challenge of managing numerous sites and vast numbers of locks simultaneously. This has traditionally meant that a huge number of keys are in constant circulation. With the iLOQ S50 a smartphone is the key. Access rights to all property locks can be shared and managed easily with one cloud-based, secure software program – consolidating access management onto one platform.


The security risks related to physical keys have been eliminated with the iLOQ S50 solution. The iLOQ S50 helps keep track of who has access to what with features like time-restricted access, instant granting and revoking of access rights and real-time audit trail reports. Security is underlined with a TLS-protected client-server communications encryption of sensitive data.

Lifecycle savings

The iLOQ S50 was designed with saving utilities valuable time and resources in mind. Reducing costs associated with lost keys and lock replacements, battery replacements and blocked keyways will help organizations focus their resources on core business development. Streamlining the logistics and eliminating unnecessary travel related to site management will create significant and noticeable savings over the solution’s lifecycle.


Find more specific information about the new iLOQ S50 here, including technical datasheets and the comprehensive brochure.


S50 brochure Technical datasheets

Mobile Access Management

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iLOQ S50 Utility

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iLOQ S50 App

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iLOQ S50 Manager

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Social responsibility

Choosing iLOQ means choosing an all-inclusive solution from purchase to installation. iLOQ prides itself on producing locking solutions that work within an ethical framework to benefit and give back to a modern, digitalized society. Durability is at iLOQ’s core, with a continued dedication to sustainable solution development.


The iLOQ S50 has been put through rigorous testing in the harshest arctic conditions to ensure a long-lasting and reliable performance. Easy installation of a fully scalable, expandable locking system allows for an economically-friendly replacement of mechanical locks. The iLOQ S50 adapts easily to existing doors without the need for heavy modifications, drilling or wiring.


Battery-free mobile access management goes a long way in improving material efficiency. iLOQ has eliminated the need for physical keys by designed lock cylinders that harvest energy for unlocking from mobile devices, thus maximizing materials to their fullest potential.


By reducing the use of batteries iLOQ has helped save more than 25000kg of battery waste per year, driving down the total cost of ownership while contributing to the reduction of excess product waste. The iLOQ S50 is a green solution that is self-sustaining and non-threatening to its surrounding environment.


The iLOQ S50 was designed for saving companies valuable and irreplaceable resources over the product’s lifecycle. iLOQ closely examined the challenges faced by the utilities industry in their daily operations, and the solutions were ready to be discovered. The desire to unlock a world of possibilities for customers is why the iLOQ S50 was born.

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