The Smartphone Solution

iLOQ S50

iLOQ S50

Your smartphone as a key and power source

iLOQ S50 is the world’s first NFC self-powered lock cylinder. It generates the energy needed for unlocking from a smartphone running the iLOQ S50 mobile app. This secure solution has been designed specifically to unlock a world of possibilities for the utilities industry.

Utility providers, such as power production and distribution companies, telecom network services, data centers, water treatment plants, property services and transportation services, regularly face the challenge of simultaneously managing numerous sites and vast numbers of locks. A huge number of keys are in constant circulation.

With iLOQ S50, a smartphone is the key. Access rights to all property locks can be remotely shared and multiple sites can be conveniently consolidated into one user-friendly and secure cloud-based software platform, saving resources and simplifying access management.

Benefits of the system

Up-to-date access rights directly to your smartphone

NFC is at the heart of the iLOQ S50 product family. iLOQ S50 locks generate the required power for confirming access rights and opening from an NFC field created by a key. In this case, the key can be either an Android or Apple smartphone running the iLOQ S50 App.

Ease of daily operations

A functioning, reliable utilities industry is essential for a smoothly-running modern society. iLOQ offers the needed security paired with efficient over-the-air access sharing that eases operating logistics and reduces costs associated with mechanical and battery-powered electronic locks. Managing multiple sites and multiple personnel has been simplified.

Dealing with big numbers

Utility providers regularly face the challenge of managing numerous sites and vast numbers of locks simultaneously. This has traditionally meant that a huge number of keys are in constant circulation. With the iLOQ S50 a smartphone is the key. Access rights for all property locks can be easily shared and managed using iLOQ’s cloud-based SaaS platform.


The security risks related to physical keys have been eliminated with the iLOQ S50 solution. The iLOQ S50 helps keep track of who has access to what with features like time-restricted access, instant granting and revoking of access rights and real-time audit trail reports. Security is underlined with a TLS-protected client-server communications encryption of sensitive data.

Lifecycle savings

iLOQ S50 eliminates costs associated with lost keys and lock replacements, battery replacements and blocked keyways to help utilities focus their resources on core business development. Streamlining logistics and putting an end to unnecessary travel related to site management ensures significant savings over the solution’s lifecycle.

Increased flexibility and operational efficiency

Access management is an important, but not the only, aspect of modern building management. Today’s buildings comprise a complex ecosystem of various specialized functions such as burglar alarms or HVAC systems. iLOQ 5 Series offers an open application programming interface (API) that enables integration to virtually any system. This helps improve customers’ flexibility and operational efficiency by sharing data between the different information systems they use.

iLOQ S50 Protecting the telecoms infrastructure


Find more specific information about the new iLOQ S50 here, including technical datasheets and the comprehensive brochure.

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