Case Energienetz Bayern GmbH& Co. KG – The greatest security & access control requirements

The requirements of gas network operators are among the highest in the critical infrastructure sector. Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG, part of the Energie Südbayern GmbH (ESB) Group selected iLOQ S50 as its new access management system because it meets their exacting access management needs and offers numerous benefits as well.

Costly, risk-prone, and laborious access management

With over 2,000 plants distributed across an area of about 20,000 km², the management of mechanical key systems had become very complex and burdensome over the years.

Handing over keys is a constant need, yet it could be a very time-consuming task. Lost and unreturned keys posed a security risk, the management of which is both costly and troublesome.

“Being a gas network operator, safety is our top priority. Especially when it comes to the operation of our infrastructure and facilities, we can only rely on solutions that enable the greatest possible security,” explains Thomas Agroh and Julia Bögl, Technical Operations Managers from Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG.

Realizing the need for secure and more flexible access management, Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG carried out intensive research and investigated several different locking systems. iLOQ S50 emerged as the only solution that could meet their high requirements.

Real time & mobile access management

Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG chose the iLOQ S50 system, because it enables remote access management in real time. iLOQ’s maintenance- and battery-free cylinders were also a decisive factor. Thanks to NFC technology, a smartphone functions as a key and as the energy source for the lock cylinder.

The iLOQ S50 system was first presented to Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG at the end of 2018. After appropriate test and piloting phases, their satisfaction with the new system was so high that Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG decided to switch to iLOQ exclusively. All Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG systems and office buildings will be converted from mechanical to digital locking by the end of 2022.

Encompassing 2,000 sites as well as office buildings, the project is a time-consuming organizational challenge. While all the mechanical locks need to be changed out, the installation of the iLOQ cylinders is quick and easy, thanks to the modularly adjustable lengths of the iLOQ cylinders. Adaptations can even be made on site.

”The iLOQ system turned out to be the only solution that could meet our high requirements as a gas network operator,” Thomas Agroh and Julia Bögl, Technical Operations Managers, Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG

Flexible & remote access management

iLOQ’s digital access management system is extremely secure and the S50 lock cylinders highly reliable. For Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG, one of the most important advantages is that access management can now be handled remotely. The cloud-based solution allows key and cylinder authorization to be adjusted remotely, in real time via a smartphone. The programming interfaces provided in the iLOQ 5 Series Manager software even make it possible to automate key authorizations according to service orders.

Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG now has full control over access management which brings a great relief to the large organizations day-to-day operations. Being a maintenance-free system brings additional benefits in the form of time and cost savings. iLOQ cylinder channels do not get blocked and there are no batteries that need to be changed or wiring that may need fixing. Time and travel costs are further reduced as there is no longer a need to issue, pick up and return keys physically.

iLOQ S50 offers added value to critical infrastructure customers

• Remote management of access rights

• Immediate access authorization and withdrawal

• Real-time access monitoring

• No need for physical keys

• No security risks from lost keys

iLOQ has set up a special competence team to serve customers in the critical infrastructure sector and to optimally respond to their project requirements. In addition, iLOQ’s network of certified specialist retail partners are also there to provide the best possible service to iLOQ customers.

iLOQ in brief

iLOQ is a rapidly growing Finnish company that is leading the technological revolution in the digital locking industry. iLOQ transforms mechanical locks into digital and mobile access management. iLOQ solutions are based on technologies developed and patented by the company, enabling electronic and mobile locking without batteries or cables. iLOQ replaces mechanical and electromechanical locking systems with environmentally friendly solutions that solve the problems of lost or copied keys, reduce lock maintenance and minimize lifecycle costs.

Energiesetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG in brief

Energiesetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG, part of the Energie Südbayern GmbH (ESB) Group, is the largest regional gas distribution network operator in southern Bavaria. As an energy supplier with close ties to the region and people, Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG carries its responsibility for the environment and for climate protection. Committed to sustainable action, Energienetze Bayern GmbH & Co. KG has completely neutralized its emissions since 2019.