Mortise Cylinder 1 1/8″ X50S.1A.26.T.CXX

Battery-free programmable mortise cylinder 26D with cam

Battery-free programmable electromechanical lock cylinder for iLOQ S50 locking system. NFC-powered: no batteries required for the lock. Opening with NFC enabled iOS and Android mobile phones or iLOQ K55S Key Fob.

Benefits & features

  • NFC-powered: No batteries are required for the cylinder
  • Opened with NFC enabled iPhone, Android phone and K55S Key Fob
  • Secured using powerful AES256 encryption and mutual authentication
  • Initial programming with PC and iLOQ P55S.1 Programming Token in connection to server
  • Share and revoke access rights over the air
  • Blocklist for lost key fobs
  • Audit trail records with time stamp (can be configured on/off)
  • Supports time restrictions
  • Can be configured to require online opening authentication
  • Can be re-programmed in the field with phone keys
  • Firmware updateable
  • Satin Chrome finish (26D)
  • Includes Cap Removal Tool (Product Code: AX50.G.KT.3) - One tool per box
  • High guard escutcheon is available as an accessory for added security (Product Code: AX50.X.ES1.26)
  • 1/4” Mortise Extension Kit is available as an accessory for thick doors (Product Code: AX50.X.G.02)
  • The cylinder comes with one of the following cams: Adams Rite MS Cam, Yale Standard Cam, Schlage L Cam, Sargent Cam, Russwin A01 Cam, Russwin A02 Cam, Falcon Cam, MARKS 2101 Cam, Yale 2160 Cam, Best C258 Cam, MARKS 2102 Cam