iLOQ and Locare reach an agreement to install digital locks in their developments

iLOQ has signed an agreement with one of the largest real estate investment managers in Spain Locare.

iLOQ is constantly growing and expanding its market. The philosophy of working, growing and improving is a clear example of the expansion of the company in Spain where digital locking solutions are clearly disrupting the market.

Recently, iLOQ signed an agreement with one of the largest real estate investment managers in Spain – Locare – who has chosen to install battery-free electronic locking systems in its developments and residential buildings. Locare is a platform for capital management and development of residential portfolios on a rental basis. They build and then rent.

As Juan de Soto, Technical Director of Locare and responsible for the agreement, points out:

“iLOQ brings the highest technology to the process of access management. It is a system that combines the best management standards, with minimum maintenance and incredible versatility. It allows us to undertake all the operations that occur in the daily management of the building with maximum efficiency, comfort for the manager and security for the tenants. It is a clear example of how technology can bring added value to a residential building”.

Efficiency, comfort and safety

Locare offers a differentiated and unique proposal in the market of housing and consumer services oriented to the tenant. Given these needs, they crossed paths with iLOQ to implement the digital lock system in all their developments.

Locare’s philosophy is very similar to that of iLOQ. The Company, based in Madrid, believes in housing as an integral service. Based on improving the user experience, they aim to make life easier for tenants.

Elias Esayag, Locare’s Director of Strategy and Development explains:

“iLOQ combines the best of mechanical and electronic systems, allowing information integrity and efficiency of building management during operation”.

A robust and safe solution

The Strategy Director also points out that:

“From the tenant’s perspective, iLOQ offers the integration, simplicity, and ease of use in a robust and secure solution that, in the case of long-term residential assets, is critical. All this is absolutely compatible with our commitment to the constant digitalization of processes and the user experience”.

Digital locks for residential buildings have many benefits. Access control is guaranteed. For this reason, Locare will install iLOQ locks in all its developments.

Tenants will have only one key. With it, they will be able to open the main entrance door and also the doors to their apartment, the storage room and to the parking lot. iLOQ’s practical solution ensures comfort, speed, and flexibility.

iLOQ also ensures security and control of all accesses. Tenants cannot duplicate the digital keys, therefore, there is no risk of fraudulent use.

Maximum convenience

With the iLOQ digital locking system, there is no need to change the door cylinder again. If a key is lost, its access rights are blocked, and a new key is activated.

In addition, Locare does not have to do any maintenance because the iLOQ digital locking system it is implementing in its residential properties does not require batteries or wires.

The first installation of digital locks will be carried out during September 2020 in a building in Móstoles (Madrid). This marks the beginning of a long journey of cooperation.

More information:

Joaquim Serrahima, iLOQ Spain Country Manager, Email: wbndhvz.freenuvzn@vybd.pbz Tel. +34 606 987 149

iLOQ in brief

iLOQ is a rapidly growing Finnish company that is leading the technological revolution in the digital locking industry. iLOQ transforms mechanical locks into digital and mobile access management. iLOQ solutions are based on technologies developed and patented by the company, enabling electronic and mobile locking without batteries or cables. iLOQ replaces mechanical and electromechanical locking systems with environmentally friendly solutions that solve the problems of lost or copied keys, reduce lock maintenance and minimize lifecycle costs.

Locare in brief

Locare is a global platform for capital management and development of residential portfolios under the BtR (Build to Rent) rental regime, based on innovative value-added services around the business of exploitation of rental housing portfolios, offering a differentiated and unique in the market for tenant-oriented housing and consumer services.