iLOQ revs up growth mission with new office in France

iLOQ is set to open a new office in France in May. At the helm of the iLOQ France space will be Jean-Noël Galliot, a longtime professional with extensive experience in high-technology. Jean-Noël has previously worked as Managing Director for both Vacon and The Simon Group and brings with him a well-rounded knowledge of the French residential and industrial market.

“I’m incredibly proud and excited to join iLOQ and I believe that French customers and partners will warmly welcome us to the market. With iLOQ’s unique digital self-powered access management solutions we truly have a fantastic challenge ahead of us in France.” Jean-Noël Galliot, Country Manager for iLOQ France exclaimed.

Over the past 15 years iLOQ has revolutionized the way people look at locks. After developing the first battery-free digital lock that self-powers by harvesting electricity from key insertion, iLOQ continues to develop innovative locking technology. Later this quarter iLOQ will launch its next generation locking solution – the iLOQ S50 – which is the first and only lock cylinder on the planet to harvest energy for unlocking from a smartphone.

“The demand for our digital access management solutions is strongly shaping our developmental goals. This new market sets the stage for expansion according to our current growth strategy and internationalization objectives in the European markets – we happily look forward to a successful future in France,” Pauli Pukari, Chief Sales Officer for Central Europe stated.

Heikki Hiltunen, President and CEO of iLOQ states further, “Establishing our new office in France has been a welcomed milestone for iLOQ. We look forward to bringing our durable, digital access management solutions and benefits to the competitive French market under the skilled guidance of Jean-Noël Galliot.”

For more information:

Heikki Hiltunen, President and CEO,
Tel. +358 (0)40 3170 260, urvxxv.uvyghara@vYBD.pbz

Pauli Pukari, Chief Sales Officer, Central Europe
Tel.+358 (0)40 3170 226, cnhyv.chxnev@vYBD.pbz

Jean-Noël Galliot, Country Manager, France
Tel. +33 6 83 51 68 56, wrna-abry.tnyyvbg@vYBD.pbz