Information related to iLOQ S10 end-of-life announcement

iLOQ S10 was iLOQ’s first digital locking solution introduced in 2007. The next generation of the product is iLOQ S5 which, together with the mobile access sharing solution iLOQ S50, forms part of iLOQ 5 Series. Read more about the benefits of iLOQ 5 Series here.

What this means in practice

From the beginning of 2023, no new iLOQ S10 licenses can be opened. However, you will still be able to extend your existing iLOQ S10 solutions, and products and iLOQ Manager software will be available according to the following updated schedule: 

Products  Possible to order larger extensions  End of availability for iLOQ S10 replacement and spare parts End of availability for iLOQ S10 Manager software  
iLOQ S10 products and iLOQ Manager software  1.10.2025  1.10.2037  1.10.2042  

Customer service and support for iLOQ S10 solutions will remain unchanged. iLOQ will continue to provide spare parts and replacement products for existing systems during the timeframes stated above.

Please note

If you are in the process of procuring iLOQ S10 systems, it is strongly recommended that you consider iLOQ 5 Series (iLOQ S5 or iLOQ S50) instead. 

Benefits of iLOQ 5 Series

iLOQ 5 Series is a flexible, modifiable, easy to-use platform that combines iLOQ’s digital-key-based solution and iLOQ’s smartphone-based solution to offer an even greater range of features and functionality:

If you have any questions about the availability of products or support for iLOQ S10, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local iLOQ representative or iLOQ reseller or fill in the contact form.