iLOQ and Neobo sign a framework agreement – the 5 Series digital locking system provides increased security and service for tenants

Real estate company Neobo has chosen iLOQ as a partner for long-term cooperation.  Neobo's ambition is to install iLOQ's S5 system in most of the properties – giving tenants in over 8,000 apartments increased security and more control over their accommodation.

Neobo is a property company that focuses on the future. The goal is to be a long-term and safe landlord for residents of almost 8,400 apartments in Sweden.

For Niclas Nieminen, technical manager, security always comes first when it is time to choose locking solutions.

“The most important thing for us is safety, and we get that with iLOQ. It’s easy to deactivate keys that get lost and remove permissions. Access for the cleaning company or newspaper deliveries can be handled smoothly without the hassle of gate codes.”

Neobo has chosen the 5 Series which is completely battery-free and easy to maintain, like all iLOQ solutions. The system is managed digitally and remotely, which saves many man-hours and reduces costs for the real estate company.

From the sustainability point of view, it is important for Neobo that the unique iLOQ cylinder is self-powered by electricity generated from key insertion.

But what Niclas Nieminen finds most exciting right now is the scalability that the iLOQ system offers.

– ILOQ gives our tenants a higher level of service, as they can administer their accommodation better. We will soon start testing the iLOQ HOME solution, which is an option for the 5 Series. The service allows the tenant to manage reservations for shared premises such as the laundry room, remotely open the entrance gates and deactivate lost keys.

Juha Suontausta, Key Account Manager at iLOQ, is pleased that Neobo sees advantages in having iLOQ as a strategic partner.

“I approach the collaboration with an open heart and mind. We listen to new customers closely because we always aim to improve.”

For more information, please contact:
Christer Wiberg, Country Manager, iLOQ Sweden

Juha Suontausta, Key Account Manager, iLOQ Sverige AB

iLOQ in brief

iLOQ is a technology disruptor that has revolutionized the access management industry to make life limitless. Cloud-based solutions developed and patented by the company provide multiple access possibilities without the need for batteries or cables. Resource-efficient digital and mobile technologies maximize security while minimizing maintenance, administration and lifecycle costs in residential and commercial properties and critical infrastructure sites.