A unified locking system for multiple premises


Q-Park is one of the largest operators of parking garages in Europe. The company controls more than 870,000 parking spaces throughout Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

The Swedish operations were established as far back as 1959, and Q-Park Sweden currently controls around 300,000 parking spaces in 1,600 parking facilities around Sweden.

Being the most popular parking option in the country, Q-Park Sweden is committed to quality in all aspects of its business. Its quality objectives rely on convenience and reliability. These objectives can only be fulfilled with the support of like-minded business partners.

With the number of parking facilities growing all the time, it had become difficult for Q-Park to keep track of the number of locking cylinders in its premises and who had access to them. To overcome this issue, Q-Park decided to install a unified locking system in all its operations throughout Sweden. In 2014, iLOQ S10 was chosen as the new locking system. To date, 330 cylinders have been installed and 695 keys have been programmed.

“The excellent web-based software system gives us total control by monitoring what equipment we have and where it is in operation. Additionally, iLOQ S10’s hotspots and programming boxes provide a quick, easy and cost-effective way to update access rights. This is our most complete system.”

Rolle StavlindApplication Manger Parking, Q-Park Sweden