Anoia County Archive

Preserving the safety of its history


The municipality of Igualada in Barcelona, Spain, chose to install the iLOQ S10 digital locking system in the new Anoia County Archive which is housed in the recently restored Teneria school. Although it is not a listed building, the restoration was made while preserving the essence of the property and its structure as being an emblematic building in the center of the city of Igualada.

Apart from 1,800 m2 of space dedicated to the new county archive, the restored building also has 1,300 m2 of space set aside for educational uses.

The flexibility of the iLOQ digital locks to grant and remove access rights to different users, as well as the ability to manage the entire infrastructure with a single key were vital factors in the town hall’s choice of iLOQ S10. In addition, the fact that it is a battery-free solution and it is not necessary to wire the doors to power the digital cylinders saved considerable installation costs and future maintenance expenses.

In total, 48 iLOQ S10 electronic cylinders have been installed.

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